I’ve recently started using Mint to track visitors of my site. After installation I was a bit disappointed with the available themes. There are a few good ones — Shaun Inman’s own creations being the best — in my opinion, but most seem a bit outdated or not very thought through. More obviously these themes are showing their age particularly on devices with retina resolution displays.

So, I took my knowledge of CSS and went to work. Here’s the result:

Spearmint on a Mac
Spearmint for desktop displays

Spearmint on iPhone
Beautiful Graphs for Retina displays

Spearmint on iPhone
An uncluttered readable mobile layout


If you’re interested, I wrote an article describing some geekier design features and decisions.

Download Spearmint 1.04

Change Log

Version 1.04 ( 2013/06/16) - latest

Version 1.03 ( 2013/02/08 )

Version 1.02 ( 2012/12/05 )

Version 1.01

If you’re not familiar with the installations of themes there are instructions included in the download.

For more information about Mint and its Peppers visit haveamint.com.