Eggy: February 11, 2021 "Live From The Egg Crate" – The Egg Crate, Livestream, CT, USA

Set 1: Mr. Domino > Solid Ground, Sunset Strip[1] > BubaGum > Leatherback > BubaGum

Set 2: Balls of Yarn, Shadow[2], Ricky Gervais[3], Portable Air Scrubber[4] > Mr. Domino Reprise > Portable Air Scrubber

[1] FTP, J.E. Sunde cover
[2] Scabbard (Trey Anastasio) Tease, Appearance from Lenny the Luch
[3] Livin’ La Vida Loca (Ricky Martin) Teases
[4] ino Spimoni Vocal Jam