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All my friends came at last to see me, one twice lost lovers, too

We lost touch years ago, but you’re here, oh look at you

I wish I could tell you something, I wish I could find the words

But my spirit is indomitable, bound by a body, I know could never be stirred

Living as a ghost on an island, I’m a servant to her tropical breeze

She swings me like a shave-faced sailor, in the arms of his shoreward squeeze

Nothing to fear, nothing to lose, I can’t be held down by the things I used to

All of this time I spent waiting on you, in hopes to find out what I already knew

Hallowed by the will to wander, find a little love for your pride

It’s hard for me to sit in wonder as a ghost on the Island Afterlife

I’ve seen you wish away the wild, why do you litter when you think you’re alone?

It’s so splendid we’re pretending but you can’t hide from no ghost

Little shack baby, digging the beach boys, she seeks a painting that can capture your soul

Just to feel closer than a distant memory that ages with your mind when you’re old

Living as a ghost on an island, caught between the sky and the day

All of my love to the person I was and the people still finding their way