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My words to you my last of kin

The gist of where I've gone and been

Though, last words don't replace a will

I'll share them with you still

Say often what you truly feel

It helps the feeling learn to heel

Fret not what you fail to fear

Laugh until you’re left in tears.

See somewhere in a place unplanned

Meet and greet the local band

You never know what you may find

If you don’t take yourself out for a ride

The world won't stop while you find you

Don't be afraid to go and do

You can't afford to race with death

You'd starve before he even left

I get caught up in the moments

Then get wrapped around the feelings that I’m holding

No sense in always burying the mirror

With no reflection it’s hard to see clearer

It’s not like I don’t know if

I got love than i need to show it

I can’t always keep love in my pocket

Just waiting for a moment to blow in

To finally notice

The warmth when it’s coldest

Ignites when my soul is free