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She's a shaper with a blanket

Builds her home from the lovers she's keeping

Makes her feral with a smile

Fastens the light of the sun while he's sleeping

Comes to her colors in the city

Spells the gaze of a man at a meeting

She's a shaper with a blanket

Builds a path to his mind while he's dreaming

They go dancing in the moonlight

Under the eyes of the stars as they're kissing

She's a shaper with a blanket

Makes a bridge to the lust she's been missing

He is nothing to her blanket

Just a means to an end she's been seeking

Now he waits for her presence

Lost in the realm of the glances he's sneaking

She glows to feel her wonder

as growing in their number

lovers left upon a stage

like a word without a page

Dusk advances into sight

Paved under the light we share

She's a blanket of the night

young and kind and free and fair

He make words with her silence

Capturing sound as it rests in her meaning

She's a shaper with a blanket

Writes to stone all the feelings he's stealing

Now he stands with the others

Eagerly eying the sight of his maker

She's a shaper with her blanket

Spun him in marble to wait for his waker