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Judge November 12, 2021
This tour has been a exercise in growth for this great band. From their amazing opening set for Peach fest, to this closing show, Eggy has been hot and gaining fans. The Chicago crowd, although not the most courteous of concert fans, seemed to really take to the guys. This was Alex's homecoming and it was clear he was really enjoying himself, even losing his train of thought in the beginning of Call me Al. While the composed sections of Al and Leatherback were not the cleanest; the jam sections in each of these songs was amazing. Queen's Gambit was a stellar opener and one of the better versions of this song, IMO. GGD is a disco-esque, get your booty shaking, jamfest normally; but as a closer to this tour it was a perfect way to say "see you next time." Of course Eggy wasn't done for the night as Dani then played 2 more full sets with Spafford and Jake joined in the fun for the Spafford encores. The poster for this show was spectacular and it seems that Eggy has found their wood block muse as we got posters for Kansas, Carolinas, and now Chicago. Great bands seems to have go to poster artists anyway. (See Jon Rose and/or Pollack). Can't wait to see these guys again. Maybe I'll have to make a special effort to get to NYC for 12/30!!

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