Eggy: August 7, 2021 "The SoNo Music Fest" – The SoNo Collection, Norwalk, CT, USA

Set 1: Boom or Bust[1] > Here and Now, Love The One You're With[2], Northern Lights > Lost and Found[3]-> 50 Ways To Leave Your Lover[4]-> Lost and Found, Sunset Strip[5], Leatherback

Encore: Sister Golden Hair[6]

[1] Live Debut,
[2] Stephen Stills cover, Lyrics changed to "Love the One You Wiff"
[3] Ragged Wood (Fleet Foxes) tease
[4] Paul Simon cover
[5] FTP (live), J.E. Sunde cover
[6] America cover, dedicated to Joe Mango with additional lyrics "In a world full of lemons, be a Mango. And when life gives you lemons, be a Mango"