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justin_bruce June 6, 2024
my first show! after discovering the band in early 2023 i was excited to catch eggy live. they did not disappoint! phish sphere n1 was amazing, and didn't let out until after midnight, so eggy took the stage around 1:30 a.m. to a big crowd of curious phans. the show got off to an energetic start with shadow and one stop shop. let it rock led into a 20 minute segment of atomic age > birdland (with a big jam) > atomic age. people were getting down, to say the least, and the music flowed smoothly into you, which tallied a big, peaky 15 minute jam. smile and interior people reinforced the energy and kept the crowd engaged. not easy to do as the clock works toward 3:00 a.m. in las vegas, but the band was up to the challenge. sweat equity delivered a big chase bliss mood jam, followed by a strong alex drum solo. i was laughing as i watched the security guards enthusiastically get down to bennie and the jets. the best rock song ever written about bowling wrapped this super-sized one set show, and after a scintillating golden gate dancer encore, we rode the brooklyn bowl elevator back down to the linq promenade into the mild vegas night at the ripe time of 3:30 a.m. i woke up the next morning to the band announcement that they'd be back in the same venue to play dead & company after shows in late may!

justin_bruce June 6, 2024
this one set show was full of energy and tight play. the new-to-eggy dead/phish/goose fan next to my on the rail was 100% sold as the show wore on. not too many notes to pass along about deep jams, but this is great setlisting with nary a slowdown. hux (wit' it) featured very pretty guitar and nord keyboard interplay. fly frederick fly is a favorite tune and was gorgeous. i hadn't heard the band's rendion of amie before but it had gorgeous vocals and effortless groove. the mission in the rain encore was soulful and patient and the perfect punctuation for two nights in las vegas after dead & company.

justin_bruce June 6, 2024
this was a superb one set show that was chocked full of improv. alex really shined during lay down sally with his thunderous play. graceless started with syrupy, ethereal funk before patiently reach a big, dynamic peak. i can't recall a version of high noon that's gone this deep; the jam started slow and bluesy with b3. a nice if i only had a brain tease from jake, or close to it. some spacey moments. then a muscular, patient march with synth textures. which led to a bright driving peaky-adjacent section before ascending to a big, full peak. highlight of the night was suite: judy blue eyes with perfect vocal harmonies. seeing this in person helped me realize mike is killing the high harmonies when they play from the CSN or CSNY canon. SJBE initial jam featured a metered, snappy groove that really drives, with some slinky mike play underneath that recalled (i kid you not) some bowser's castle mario brothers melodies from my NES days way back when. after vocals, second jam section pivots to searing jake tones with clav funk via dani. then some spare jake pedal tones with dani synth textures. jam turns spare and gorgeous as alex drops out to jazzy cymbal play for a bit. late night at big cypress quantegy vibes, to my ears, but builds to a thoughtful, grand peak. after another round of vocals, the third jam delivers a chonky rock groove where the b3 shines. some wah pedal fret tapping athletic play from jake, and a heavy metal adjacent bass heavy riff as jam peaks before vocals wrap things up. phew! boom or bust encore quite appropriate for las vegas and this jam capped off the night with a b3-laden crashing groove. jake mentions "slanty town" as he interacts with dani on the nord. jam gets silent, then goes dark, and builds back via mutron and piano, then b3. sizzling evening full of great play and deep jams.


chefdad007 January 20, 2024
My first EGGY eggsperience. I loved the energy and the songs (even though I never heard them before)

Great Show

I look forward to seeing them at Ardmore in March 2024 . I misseed them in 2023, Hopefully they will come to Philly More . 




Devus December 2, 2023
This shows the state abbreviation as California and not Georgia. Don't know if someone can edit it just wanted to call that out!









Hotchkiss May 2, 2023
My 3rd Eggy sh... fuck it, my 3rd Eggsperience. Jesus these fellas really do it fo me. 

This was an official Phish aftershow. I came straight from that show and was a tad tired, I tapped out after Wheels.

Shadow was freaking good, I cried.

Alls Wheels Turnin knocked my socks off. Their still they're, never grabbed 'em.


Hotchkiss April 26, 2023
Very excited to be at the first CA. Eggy show!


Amazing set through and through. At this point all the Eggy I had ingested was a handful of YouTube videos I watched obsessively for a few weeks leading up to the Show. I lucked out and discovered Eggy in Jaunuary, really wish I had planned more shows than this.

The Belly up is iconic. Really cool environment, great sound, really good crowd this night. I'm not all to familiar with twiddle, so I had no clue what the turn out would be. I'm pretty sure the show was sold out. 

I'm not one to listen to live music when I'm not at shows, and I listen to this in all the time. Eggy makes killer mountain biking music. 

CrazyDiamond518 March 27, 2023
I think I've seen more open air Eggy than anything but their third appearance at the cap is one of my favorite eggsperiences with this band and hands down my favorite theatre performance of theirs to date. Much fun!! Would absolutely recommend.

for me the setlist was as follows:

YESSS, daydream, swoon, cry, boogie

CrazyDiamond518 October 17, 2022
I spent the night celebrating my 33rd birthday with Eggy playing in my hometown. It was special for me in so many ways. Personal sentiments aside, the tunes were absolute fire.

Hilltop opened and set the scene for a badass night.

Balls of Yarn, Apology, Wayless, and 12 Pounds of Pain all stood out in execution and delivery. Extended Jam on my favorite cover,  Time Escaping completely took me away. 

Golden Brunette Dancer for the off the set list double encore had them playing until almost 2am.

thank you Eggy. I rate this show 5.18 stars! 

Scottmitchell September 9, 2022
Burritos is so fucking . Just relistened again while working out. Hot hot!!! And the transition back to the chorus at the end post metal mania is just golden!

Scottmitchell April 3, 2022
Fun show at a tiny venue in the old historic town of Winchester.  The band had to remove the riser so the audience and band were on the same level which made for an intimate and engaging experience leading to a Jake led staring contest with the audience which Mike broke. Very nice Bubagum, with a dedication to me, something I will never forget!  Thanks boys for that. High energy cover of The Middle to close things out left the crowd reeling!  More eggy please!!

Judge November 15, 2021
After a quarantine’s worth of Egg Crate sets, it was back to live Eggy at this new venue. Though the inside wasn’t finished, outside offered plenty. This definitely had a celebratory vibe, but some nerves were present with the opener. But by “Apology” those nerves were gone and the band went into a smoking Queens Gambit sandwich that defined the first set. Set 2’s debut was a stellar reminder that the boys, with Patrick Amarante, know how to craft original tunes. By Suite Judy the entire place was pressing up to the stage and GGD would have blown the roof off if we weren’t already outside. So good to welcome these guys back to the stage. Wouldn’t have missed it! 

Judge November 12, 2021
This tour has been a exercise in growth for this great band. From their amazing opening set for Peach fest, to this closing show, Eggy has been hot and gaining fans. The Chicago crowd, although not the most courteous of concert fans, seemed to really take to the guys. This was Alex's homecoming and it was clear he was really enjoying himself, even losing his train of thought in the beginning of Call me Al. While the composed sections of Al and Leatherback were not the cleanest; the jam sections in each of these songs was amazing. Queen's Gambit was a stellar opener and one of the better versions of this song, IMO. GGD is a disco-esque, get your booty shaking, jamfest normally; but as a closer to this tour it was a perfect way to say "see you next time." Of course Eggy wasn't done for the night as Dani then played 2 more full sets with Spafford and Jake joined in the fun for the Spafford encores. The poster for this show was spectacular and it seems that Eggy has found their wood block muse as we got posters for Kansas, Carolinas, and now Chicago. Great bands seems to have go to poster artists anyway. (See Jon Rose and/or Pollack). Can't wait to see these guys again. Maybe I'll have to make a special effort to get to NYC for 12/30!!

Judge November 9, 2021
What will  forever be known as the FLAF set. Great for the guys to give love to the Florida fans who came along for the ride through the Carolinas. The whole set was stellar, but the All Wheel's was my highlight! The covers have been great this tour, but this one definitely got the crowd really into the set. It was great to see the crowd grow over the set and the venue was awesome. 

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