Eggy: December 28, 2019 – StageOne at FTC, Fairfield, CT, USA

Set 2: All Wheels Turnin',

Encore: Upside Down Golden Gate Dancer,

Set 2: Mr. Domino Reprise Hux[1] > Watercolor Days[2] > Home Is Where The Dog Lives, Portable Air Scrubber, Backyard Bear[3], Apology > Wayless,

Set 1: Between You and Me,

Set 2: Last of Kin >

Set 1: Leatherback Zugzwang, Graceless, Mr. Domino, Island Afterlife, Finding and Losing, Bloomlight, BubaGum > Fragments,

[1] Unfinished
[2] with acapella section
[3] Debut