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Appears on: Watercolor Days

BubaGum has been performed by Eggy 51 times. It was last played 2023-05-06, which was 11 shows ago.

Every Time Played

Date Played Venue Show Gap Performed ByFootnote
2015-04-11 The Acoustic, Bridgeport, CT61Eggy
2015-09-01 Pacific Standard Tavern, New Haven, CT12Eggy
2015-09-26 BRYAC, Bridgeport, CT3Eggy
2015-09-29 Pacific Standard Tavern, New Haven, CT1Eggy
2015-11-18 Electric Haze, Worcester, MA4Eggy
2015-12-02 The Spot Underground, Providence, RI2Eggy
2015-12-03 Nublu, New York, NY1Eggy
2016-01-09 Brick House Pub, Housatonic, MA4Eggy
2016-02-04 BRYAC, Bridgeport, CT1Eggy
2016-04-04 Electric Haze, Worcester, MA6Eggy
2016-04-10 BRYAC, Bridgeport, CT3Eggy
2016-05-19 BRYAC, Bridgeport, CT5Eggy
2016-12-15 BRYAC, Bridgeport, CT29Eggy
2017-03-17 BRYAC, Bridgeport, CT4Eggy
2017-05-07 Tyrone Farm, Pomfret, CT5Eggy
2017-12-30 BRYAC, Bridgeport, CT21Eggy
2018-03-16 Nectar's, Burlington, VT9Eggy
2018-07-21 Jerry Jam, Bath, NH11Eggy
2018-08-30 Nectar's, Burlington, VT4Eggy
2018-10-05 Strange Brew Pub, Norwich, CT9Eggy
2018-10-10 118 North, Wayne, PA1Eggy
2019-02-01 Flying Dog Brewery, Frederick, MD18Eggy
2019-03-30 StageOne at FTC, Fairfield, CT3Eggy
2019-05-03 Arch Street Tavern, Hartford, CT4Eggy
2019-09-26 Flour City Station, Rochester, NY25Eggy
2019-10-13 Arch Street Tavern, Hartford, CT6Eggy
2019-10-31 Electric Haze, Worcester, MA6Eggy
2019-11-09 The Broken String, Watertown, NY4Eggy
2019-12-14 Orlando's Bar and Lounge, Burlington, VT7Eggy
2019-12-28 StageOne at FTC, Fairfield, CT1Eggy
2020-01-24 Culture Room, Fort Lauderdale, FL7Eggy
2020-06-24 The Egg Crate, Livestream, CT13Eggy
2021-02-11 The Egg Crate, Livestream, CT3Eggy
2021-05-15 Putnam Place, Saratoga Springs, NY9Eggy
2021-10-15 The Magic Stick, Detroit, MI15Eggy
2021-11-26 The Hollow, Albany, NY16Eggy
2022-01-14 Soundcheck Studios, Pembroke, MA4Eggy
2022-01-26 The Concourse, Knoxville, TN5EggyWith Bedouin Dress (Fleet Foxes) teases
2022-01-30 Brightbox Theater, Winchester, VA4EggyUnfinished
2022-03-05 Charleston Pour House, Charleston, SC7EggyUnfinished
2022-03-26 Kenny's Westside Pub, Peoria, IL4Eggy
2022-07-24 Bayley Beach, Rowayton, CT22Eggy
2022-08-03 Relix Studios, New York, NY2Eggy
2022-08-06 Bourre, Atlantic City, NJ3Eggy
2022-10-01 Soundcheck Studios, Pembroke, MA3Eggy
2022-10-30 Charleston Pour House, Charleston, SC10Eggy
2022-12-02 Old Town Pub, Steamboat Springs, CO9EggyWith It Don't Mean A Thing (If It Ain't Got That Swing) [Duke Ellington] teases
2022-12-09 Kenny’s Westside Pub, Peoria, IL3Eggy
2023-03-03 Domino Room, Bend, OR18Eggy
2023-04-07 Old Towne Pub, Pasadena, CA11EggyUnfinished
2023-05-06 The Basement, Nashville, TN10EggyUnfinished